About Us and Our Store Location

In the summer of 2018 Garand & Co. Candles began in Fort Mill, SC, which is just south of Charlotte, NC.  Our youngest daughter moved on from slime making- Thank goodness! I was determined to find a use for all of her essential oils that she used for her slime.  We researched and experimented long and hard with soy candles. Finally, we decided to try and sell some. We loved the idea of representing our community with custom labels and that in turn gave us the thought to give a percentage back to our community. We are always working on new ideas and improvements. We are so grateful to our family, friends and our community's support. 

In May of 2019 we opened a store at 412 Tom Hall Street, Fort Mill, South Carolina. You will find our candles, but also our boutique clothing! Since we share our space with The Market Gift Shop, it's your one stop shop for candles, clothing, jewelry, home decor and gift items! 

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